The Top Model Coaching Bundle
Step-by Step workbook on how to prep for agency submissions without overpaying…
What is The Top Model Coaching Bundle?

A Behind The Scenes Look on How to Brand Yourself as Model
Learn how you can successfully position yourself as a professional model on social media and follow my proven steps to brand yourself to get signed by agencies. 
Step-by-Step Coaching For Aspiring Models or Models Looking to Grow
These are my exact methods that I have used to help hundreds of models rebrand themselves and be signed by agencies all over the world. This training will finally give you clear steps to growing your brand. 
An Insider Guide For Setting Up Your Model Profile
Learn everything you need to do to revamp your social media profile from beginning to end to attract agencies to you and get more call backs. 
($47 VALUE)
What is Inside?
Pre-recorded Video Coaching From Marie
  • ​Learn which type of agency will work best for your career
  • ​My favorite strategies to create a successful, agent attracting brand
  • ​What you can do on social media to build your modeling career
  • ​The tools you need to build your brand successfully, without breaking the bank
Guide to Digitals on a Budget Workbook
  • The Number One Thing You Need to Start Submitting To Agencies
  • ​What are digitals and why are they crucial 
  • ​Good vs. Bad Digital examples from real Boss Babe Models
  • ​Step by step guidance on taking high-quality digitals on a budget
Expert Guidance 
  • ​Expert Guidance on How to Build Your Modeling Career 
  • ​Insider Secrets to the Modeling Industry
  • ​How To Brand Yourself To Attract the Top Model Agencies 
  • ​Social Media Tips to Optimize your Bio & your Model Profile
Alex Crockford | 28 yrs old
I was extremely lucky to gain contact with Marie and she has been an incredible guide all the way through my modeling career. I know that the advice and guidance that I receive from Marie, I can trust.
Natalie Aponte | 17 yrs old
I've only known Marie for a few months, she has helped me more than I could have ever imagined. I can't thank her enough for helping me with some really big decisions in my life. One of those really big decisions is me becoming way more outspoken and changing up my social media.
Stephanie Shapiro | 21 yrs old
Marie took me under her wing. She signed me up with the agency that she was with at the time and became my mother agent. She has taught me so many things about the model industry that I don't think I would ever know if it wasn't for her. I'm so thankful for everything that she's taught me.
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